Mar 25, 2011

IkPod Nominated for a Spin Award!

Mediamatic’s Ikpod for the Joods Historisch Museum has been nominated for a Spin Award in both the “Best Mobile Concept” and “Best Crossmedia Concept” categories, which means my first crack at designing an iPhone app isn’t totally pot!

The ikPod itself lives at the Hollandsche Schouwburg where it is an interactive part of the Wall of Names:

Hollandsche Schouwburg

At the Hollandsche Schouwburg there is a wall of names, with all 6,700 family names of the Jews from the Netherlands who were murdered during the German occupation. The ikPod, an iPod specially adapted by Mediamatic, links the names on the wall to all the available information about all family members on the Digital Monument website. Visitors can read the names on the wall with the ikPod to learn the individual histories behind them. Visitors to the wall of names can now see information about family situations, addresses, and occupations, supplemented with personal stories and more than 10,000 photographs and documents. This makes the monument interactive and meets the growing need for individual commemoration, in a fitting, dignified manner.

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