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Adhesive Vomit

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Duct Tape Wrapping Paper Bow

In an effort to save on boxes and money, I’ve covered all those corrugated cardboard boxes deemed too ugly for gift-giving in duct tape because not only am I lazy but (at least during the holiday season) incredibly cheap.

And why not?

  • They don’t just sell the fun ones at art supply stores anymore. You can get them at your favorite store of depot, whether it be Home or Office.
  • Ribbons can also be made out of these bad boys, so you can save on those abominations as well.
  • You will absolutely re-use them because you’ve spent hours covering them in fruit flavors.

As long as you you don’t completely seal all the openings, you won’t have to pass out razor blades as stocking stuffers. Keep one side of the flaps open and make pull tabs at the ends of the “ribbon” so everyone can open their gifts with one fell swoop.

December 12th, 2014